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Friday, October 31, 2008


I unfortunately will not be celebrating. I am moving some stuff into the apartment and cleaning it up. The floors are magnificent. New fridge. I need to clean the bathroom and kitchen. I am taking part one of my sneaker collection. I have TWO closets in my room. Yes. Yes. So...I'm working on the kitchen and bathroom today. So, my mom can just move her stuff right in.

Well if I were participating in today's festivities...I would dress as Janelle Monae. Only because I am "stanning" her right now. Or otherwise I would like a cat or mouse...Or angel... I always want to do something with wings or ears... ::shrugs:: Here's my would be costume... I made it today.

But I gotta go. Happy Halloween... Let's dance to Thriller in our undies... I know I did about 30 minutes ago...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

oh wow...

its been sooooo long since i have made a post. the days just blew past. i got fitted for some new glasses on the 20th and...BOW!
whatcha thank?? i like em. AND they were free.99! [btw, ignore those caterpillars that i call my eyebrows. i need a wax asap or i will be rockin the al b. sure in a minute. no i dont have a uni- for real; but you get what i'm sayin!]  

anyways..whats been up? i haven't been reading my blogs. I will dip thru and show all my favorites some love. i been packing up the crib. me and my moms are moving on the otherside of town. we are movin on up! we are officially out the hood! thank ya lord. i am so tired of living over here. i mean the neighborhood is going through extreme gentrification and thats awesome for the people who are moving here after us...but this building we live in is a BITCH. I hope this peace o'shit collapses ...well.. when our nice neighbors move out. Now to that bitch that blasts Weezy F. at midnite and Mahalia Jackson @ 4-fuckin-30AM...she can catch a BRICK QUICK. ::folds arms:: woosah, i was a lil aggressive but can you feel me? Its like everyday. We @ war. LOL. She plays the radio all day...I mean I love music. Pops was a musician. I dabble in it a bit myself. But I can't blast music all day. I got shit to think about. Friends to counsel. I like television. Movies, video games... I can't iTune all damn day. Well when it gets to be too much and she has her lil boom-boom tunes... i take my ipod player [that thing gets so loud.] I put it in the bathroom and put it on my Drake playlist...and close the door. That SHOULD be her new favorite rapper by now. I chose the bathroom because the walls are super-thin. Ill, right? She lives under me but I can hear her AND them damn bay-bay's kids, everytime they in there...yeah...so...Comeback Season is her new favorite, I just feel it. ROFL!!

What else? When I'm not warring with the people under the stairs...I've just been chill. Ooh! Gas is $2.45. YES BITCHES! That means I can fill my car up for like $25.

I watched the game tonight. The Suns vs. Spurs... I H.A.T.E. the spurs. So..I was particularly thrilled when Shaq did that jack move on Tony Parker in the 4th quarter. All I could say was "pick upppp your face. TREATED!" If you didn't see it...it looked like this but instead of me and waxed-out Shaquilleit was Tony Parker and he landed under the rim. ::shrugs:: 

Oh and I cannot stop listening to Janelle Monae!! Dude, she is the truth. Like she's been out for a while... I call her Janelle 3000. Because her and Dre are from the same planet. I love those little ATLiens. I don't know if signing to Bad Boy was a good move but maybe the numbers were looking right. Diddy doesn't promote his artists well. If I were an artist, I would need to be on Jive or something. I think they do payola or something you can NEVER escape their artists. Or get with the people who play Mariah Carey and Missy Elliott cuz I swear when they are out YOU CANNOT escape that shit. But all in all, I prolly woulda signed with Diddy because he is that dude and I would want to be around him all day.

Okay I will get into some more stuff tomorrow. It's 12:50am and I usually drop dead at about 1. And i'm getting sleepy...I feel it all in mah back. mmph. Listen to this. I have seriously had it on repeat for like 5 days straight. Really.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


i bought some weave and sewed some hair into my head. it was my first time and it was a success. clap clap. i know a lot of dudes dont like when the ladies wear a weave but its about self expression. look at it as our way of cutting some designs in our head. some of us simply shouldn't do it. 

okay so... i was watching the pick up artist 2 this morning. [ROFFLE.] <- that is me saying ROFL out loud. ok? that was THEE funniest shit. they are soooo LAME. dude. get on the floor and praise the lord that you dont have those troubles, because man... smh.

and... this is just a quick update. on my other blog...not today but i need to get on "MTV's top MC's list." i have something to share about that... and... also i want to get into "real chance of love" because i'm sure that will have premiered. it was something else it slips my mind. but i will holla. i'm about to make to go to granny's crib. make a visit. so i will holla and... 

get crunk one time for me! push play below, go in the kitchen get some foil make yourself a grill and make a crunk ass face and just spaz the fuck out at home.  because we all like "ignant ass music" from time to time.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


i hate facebook... but i cannot stop checking it at least once a day. i get on it and check it. that's it. i don't talk to people. i rarely answer my messages and wall posts...[although i appreciate that people even take the time out to see how i'm doing because they REALLY DON'T have to...]  i dont update my pictures, as a matter-of-fact i took them off. one day i will be strong enough to leave it alone. ::looks down::

no but really...i just stay on there so random former classmates know i haven't faded into total obscurity.

about myspace...now THAT is my shit. i leave it open and everything. its not fun when everybody has it all private.... :(

Monday, October 13, 2008

and for the record

i wanna give a big shout out to MTV for playing some of my shows from The-N. we don't have that channel anymore. big sadface. that was like my soap opera channel. comcast was getting a lil too high so we had to get rid of our super duper package and downgrade which means no more MTV Jams, VH1 Soul... amongst other things..

so YES MTV! good looking out! last sunday they hooked it up by playing all of last season's Degrassi. [i fucks with Degrassi, lowkey.] YES BITCH. not a great season btw, but it will do... and that was the last season i'll ever watch because all of the important people graduated. umm..what else? OH... they played...Queen Bees on Friday the whole season... I liked that show. 

oh and a BIG THUMBS DOWN and MIDDLE FINGER UP TO: the CW. they cut my normal Sunday morning 5 episodes of Degrassi down to 2 stank ass episodes starting at 8:30. That is so wack. I had a nice pancakes and coffee routine to Degrassi at around 9:30ish.. and now thats fucked... smh.

::claps to the beat of the song::

i love this song right here. luda was my favorite rapper in high school because he was....new? it was kinda refreshing then i was over him for awhile. but i can always expect for him to give me something different.. i love this song right here. i admit, i wouldn't pay it that much attention to it if it wasn't for chris brown even though he says like five words in the song... he is the best right now. 

dear chris breezy,
iu. take me down? k? plz thx.
- S.

Chris Brown Pictures, Images and Photos

i had no clue today was a holiday..

Today is a lovely day here in Chicago. It is 80 something! In October? OH HELL YEAH...indian summers are the best. I just pray we dont have a winter like last year. We had a "whiteout." And if you don't know what that is.. it's exactly what it sounds like. Its like being inside of a shaken up snowglobe. Hated it. I'm moving back to Tennessee as soon as poss-ee-blay.

[footnote: that show celebrity eye candy that comes on vh1 is fuckin hilarious. ]

OHHH.... sooo how many more shows are VH1 gonna spin-off of these "of love" shows?

Let's see we've had Flava of Love 1, 2, and 3. Charm School 1&2. Rock of Love 1&2. I Love New York 1&2. I love Money. Now we got Rock of Love 3 coming out. Real Chance of Love. Daisy of Love. They are casting Charm School 3 with more Flava of Love people... I can't handle it. But you know I'm gonna watch this BS right? I can't help it. In a minute regular people are going to cease to exist. You know the people that have no intentions of working in the business or being famous whatsoever... What's that about?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

i was watching Stomp The Yard...

and all i thought was "i wanna do my homework on his back."
Columbus Short 8 Loading...
annnnnd this is easily the best part of the film.

that is all.

is it just me?

Please don't tell me i am like the only person who is a lil' timid about putting their iPod on shuffle in front of people? I [respectively] have 4000+ songs on my iPod. I mean it ranges from 70s Soul to 90s Grunge. I have about every song under the sun but only songs I like.. no country..no gospel.. no classical.. But all of the other possible genres in the world...yeah.. probably on there. I am like, please "Alice in Chains" don't pop up while I'm in the car with the homies on the way to the club. That will kill the mood and raise many many questions... But this is something fun that popped up on my ipod last night and I listened to it like 5 times in a row while gettin it in my chair! 

[side note: this song makes me think of that episode of fresh prince where will drove ashley and her lil' straight laced white friends to violin practice and by the time they got to practice, they were doing the roger rabbit backwards into the classroom singing this song. rofl. gooood times]

quote numberONE.

"if you've had a day where someone HASN'T hated on you. it can be looked at as an unsuccessful day. i mean SOMEONE has to give me some side-eye for my day to seem right." - $HAR0NA.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

i was listening to U-N-I..

..and they lowkey remind me of like the west coast version of the Cool Kids and I got suddenly uninterested. I reallllly do not like the Cool Kids right now. I mean they are nice people, nothing personal but I don't get it. It's blah. I know artists develop over time because they are fairly new but nigga, ALL THEY BEATS SOUND THE SAME. I feel like Chuck use that same drum kit on everything! Now, I know on my other blog I just defended THE shit out of Soulja Boy but .. lol. I really don't give a fuck. I like "Mikey Rocks" & "Black Mags" that is it..wait, I like "Floss'n" too. But I just realized I like any song with the words, "Bossy or Flossy." Everything else is ... blah. Why are they so hyped up?? I guess I don't get it. But sorry Chi-Town...I fucks with the West Coast like always. U-N-I's "Beautiful Day" is in heavy rotation on this iPod. Maybe because it kinda reminds me of those good ol' Pharcyde and J Dilla collabos...

[this one is pretty straight too...]

harlem shakes and motorcyclin.

I can't believe I used to do the motorcycle! That is THE dumbest dance ever. You cannot make that shit look cool under any circumstance. I mean its just...awful. I was gonna say the harlem shake was bad...but that shit was cool as hell back in '01-'03 Harlem still doin it. That dance has to stay there. But back to the motorcycle....I blame you Yung Joc!! This is all your fault. Everytime I hear "It's Goin Down" I automatically clinch my fists and extend my arms. The same thing with G. Dep's "Let's Get It" I MUST Harlem Shake when I hear it... SMH. Speaking of harlem shakin... as of today the blog's song is "Knock Yourself Out."

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Ohhhkay...I am NOT one for spoofs. But...this shit right here...OMG I AM SO DEAD from this... Affion Crockett isn't always funny to me. But I decided to take a look at his Making the Band 4 spoofs...and I DIED! So its basically a spoof of Making the Band 4 Seasons 1 & 2. So, he has like 8 or 9 episodes on YouTube. I definitely recommend you watch them all. Especially the ones with the girls. I swear that girl is Aubrey's cousin... But anyways, I picked my favorite one. 

Remember the "Bitchassness" episode when they were recording "Come With Me" in the studio with Kwame? Remember how Kwame and the other producers were getting on Robert about the vibrato in his voice? "Pull up to the cuhlllllllllub" IF NOT.... here is the actual episode just watch like the first 10 minutes...THEN.. watch the spoof. 


"check ya shoes i wanna see if you stepped in that bullshit!"

just in case you don't get the Kwame references...  go to youtube and type in "Kwame - Ownlay Euee" I don't know if I spelled that right I can't remember I was a kid too! All I remember is my moms killed that song and I fucked with polka dots in the early 90s. and on some lowkey shit I still DO.

now that Britney's "chemicals" are no longer "imbalanced"...

i'm gonna miss precious moments like these. ::sniffles::

role model # 1. kelis and why i love her so much.

so basically..i've been a big kelis fan since the "i hate you so much right now ahhhh" days. i was...hmm...i wanna say 14 when that song came out? well she had this big blondish orangey pink fro that i thought was so amazing because i had never seen anyone with blonde hair that was black and it didn't look ghetto! well needless to say did i think she was a great singer? no...entertaining? yes! i mean that video was dope she beat the hell out of her boyfriend after finding out her cheated then started a old crusty wife parade down a block at 2am. i watched it everytime it came on. 

overall i just thought she was adorable and real! i was like "omg i love it. she has pink hair!!" then she like faded into obscurity.. we all know star trak has like bad deals or some shit and the promotion was lacking.. then they shelved "wanderland." i waited on that! it never came to me. i got in 2005 but that was beside the point. then i got the whole "milkshake" phenomena. loved it. then it died. like everyone killed it. it was dead in like 6 weeks. but people beat the damn song to death and to this day i cant listen to it straight through without wanting to shoot myself or do that "switchboard-y" hip dance she did in the video. either way. lack of US promo and released a wack single, then she disappeared again. but i had the cd. so i was good.

umm..yeah so then the "bossy" lady came out. i think at this point kelis realized that she needs a gimmick to have a hit. can't knock that hustle at all! i mean i hated it at first but then it grew on me. i was an adult at this point and she was fabulous! you can't deny it. she rocked the high waist denim first! she had a grill before all the girls did! and the epic haircut! she kept it funky with the angled bobs! she added bangs. went back to pink. the bitch is fierce! i still miss my big hair with the-jeans-and-the-jordans-kelis. but....i really love this new fabulous girl. i feel like she single handedly brought the 80s back. her and nas. nas was jumping off the whole big dookie rope chain look they brought the 80s back in 05. back in the day, when american apparel had like zero business. all in all, i love kelis because she is a trendsetter she isn't afraid to wear some shit that might be borderline ridiculous looking sometimes but thats what fashion is about. its about keeping it interesting and taking risks. but having enough swagger to pull it off. she really just doesnt really give a fuck which is why i love her the most.

and i forgive you and nas for the "nigger" jackets. i know it seemed like a good idea but that was not needed at all. i don't care what you promotin'. i simply can't.

ahhhhhh. loves it. loves it.

no for real, i would wear these. omg.. contemplate the outfit. i saw these over on kanyes blog and i had to put it on mine and express my love for it. jeremy scott does it again! he is such an innovative little creature. did you see that curtain rod dress thingy on ANTM? hot. for the runway only though. but these are just...fly? i had to! but they are gorge. i love. its like the angel of all sneakers isn't it?

skateboard porn.

[let me explain the meaning of skateboard porn. i look for new pharrell pictures like an addiction, yanno how you get sucked into porn you just can't look away? ::looks left and right:: or so i hear.. um yeah... instead of skateboard p...]

how lucky is this broad?
lmao @ the girl on the left. is she hysterical or hatin?