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Sunday, November 30, 2008

::rolls eyes:: oh you know i'm watching this

soooo tonight on MTV, this bitch is going to attempt to explain to me (in the most sense that she could possibly make) why... for the last couple years she's been a fuck-up. if they don't include this picture or go into details  as to why this happened or what kinda drugs she's on; not coke the other shit [so i don't giggle in a mirror and mr. clean myself one random night]this documentary is some bullshit. well even if they don't, this is why we have youtube. to laugh at people. now that i think about it...they shoulda had this documentary on HBO. mmph. smh.

Friday, November 28, 2008

yo that dude is "gar-bahge"

andy samburg is the ONLY reason i still watch SNL every week. its only 2 other funny people on the show.

there is nothing like seeing tim mcgraw with a jheri curl looking like a lost member of "Color Me Badd"
my favorite part is the rap that starts at 2:09 [lmao]

Thursday, November 27, 2008

i sure hope my turkey looks like this.

i hope you eat, drink, and be merry! since thanksgiving is a time for thanks, i want to take the time out to thank all of my friends and everyone for reading my blog. i just be running my mouth and you read it thus it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. lol. thanks everyone for "following" on here and twitter! i appreciate it!
Shoutout to E-Rich!

photobooth. introducing the roommates.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

new common,kanye, annnd Pharrell is a robot.

Kan + Comm + P = yesssssss.
i am in ♥ with this song. its on Common's new cd. [whatever its called...Invincible Summer or Universal Mind Control, shrugs I don't care]. I've heard 5 tracks off of it and he's 4 for 5. This cd is probably going to be a good one. Neptunes produced this one it has kinda of a 1990 vibe to it. its like common brings the past, kanye brings the present, and pharrell brings the future

new season nip/tuck promo is dope.

and they used one of my favorite songs.. i saw at like 2:00am a couple days ago. i don't really watch nip/tuck i've been in and out but i might need to catch up on that show too.

Monday, November 24, 2008

::sighs:: welp..

its supposed to snow today. sad face. well... lucky for me, last year i was ahead of the trends. i still have my boots in perfect condition. people looked at me SIDEWAYS when i walked around with mocassin boots, crop houndstooth jacket, and pashminas. then i look at a paparazzi pic of rihanna from like a week ago and i felt lowkey swagger jacked. well i am waiting patiently 'til payday...so i can get my hands on some uggs. it still hasn't snowed and the weather has been unseasonably mild. so i put them off. not to mention my personal recession. at either rate... i need these... or the classics...whichever..

one thing i can say that you can't

once upon a time...Skateboard P kicked me in the elbow. It was easily one of the best moments of my life....just wanted to share...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

this is my replacement.

since degrassi sucks so bad now that ALL my peoples are gone. except spinner why the eff is he still on the show? the college plot = lame... all the cool people are gone, dead, or overseas getting stem cells with trust fund dollars....even the girl who played Darcy is the lead on this show. 

thus. 90210 is the replacement. gotta love the new generations of an old show.

this show is my new "soap." i caught up with all the episodes online. i love it. and they added my girl Lauren London to the show. Yes bitches, yes. Give it up for attempting to add some more color to show. ::claps:: I'm soooo excited about this one. Maybe Dixon will dump wackass Silver...

have you ever been so bored that

you took a picture of your feet? i tend too. or maybe i subconsciously think my shoes are so dope that i must share?

Santi White, you're my favorite.

I sing this song all the time. Usually in the bathroom...i like the echo sound. ::looks down, shakes head.:: i can't believe i admit this stuff. :) She is definitely one of my new favorites. As much as I would love to be a rapper..I'd probably end up making music like this. 

Saturday, November 22, 2008


every girl has / had a tony. as we end '08. please lawd. no more tony's. this video made me cry a little on the inside.

"And I'm not sure if I'm still respected
And I'm not in a rush to feel rejected.
Not by Tony"

"And I don't have these nights too often
I wish I could take my mind off him
But I really like Tony"

"I'm alot wiser and a little older
Hey baby it was nice to know ya
Good bye Tony."

SIDENOTE: she picked KID CUDI for the T.O.N.Y.?? i love Cudi.. but dude, that's not real eye candy! Annd you sent him the pee stick!? that's ILL. *writes that one down*

Friday, November 21, 2008


herbert the pervert is soooo disturbing its hilarious.

Do Overs....

"Sometimes, passions were too strong, convictions too deep, perspectives too contrasting to reach agreement on a call. After the proper amount of heated discussion had taken place, one of the player would finally extend the proverbial fig-leaf by offering his opponent a "do-over", as in "you can do it again." The do-over was one of childhood's most powerful rites, for it exerted our dominion over the laws of space and time. The clock was rolled back, the game was restored to its exact status as before before the contested event and play was resumed. Yes, it is with fond memories that we recall the do-over a divine method of resolution, and contemplate the untold blessings it could bring if it were somehow extended into our contemporary lives."

Sometimes life hands us do-overs and by all means if you see it...TAKE IT. If you see an opportunity to do something over... Do it. It worked so well in youth. Let's keep it going. 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crazy Night...

had soooo much fun last night. i haven't had that much fun in awhile because i am going through a personal recession. we got invited to kelseys this bar up north in lincoln park by my friend who wasn't even there when we got there. WTF? however... i had a good time. we went in, grabbed a booth and tons of attention as usual and had a great time. free drinks from some boys delivered via the waitress. then decided to go downtown walk around to sober up and take pics. good time for free.99

Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Sir, are a muffin top!

fellas...if you know you're a chunky-munky...LET THE SKINNY JEANS GO! you don't have to wear baggy jeans, lets just go for a slimming relax fit. because ... this shit is crazy looking. i simply will not allow you to walk outside anymore looking like the stay puft marshmellow man in 501's. I cannot and i willnot. You can't be the muffintop man on my watch. So, unless you're gonna put a girdle on under that v-neck white tee, let them go!
Oh Chicago, how i hate you sometimes. I hate you and your "whatever is hot at the moment" sneaker, skinnys, and patent leather jackets.

Now with saying this, I'm not saying heavy people can't do it. But sometimes we take it too far. I.E. people with only a fat stomach... we don't want to see your ill-fitting pants and saggy boxers/drawls. boo.

Ladies, you have been relieved of this rant. I just know that some of you can do it. Some of you can't. Mine are on retirement for a while. I gained a few lbs.

boring boring bored.

i've been up for three hours and i've been super bored today. i dunno, it's just one of those days.
however i did get to talk to my friends down in nashville. it has been scandal after scandal. i swear if me and my friends got together and got a show? the hills would look like muppet babies.
but on another note you know whats so enjoyable about the hills? for me, it would be the fashion. to me that's what makes the show. other than spencer and heidi. if they weren't on the show, i think i would absolutely hate it.

btw, i realllly wanna see madagascar 2. i need to take my nieces or something...

meanwhile...i'm still trying to figure out what to do with this layout it is irritating me!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

this is why he's my favorite rapper. other than Hov...

"I go the hardest, flow so retard, i'm disgusted with myself i mean ughh, where do i start? first i spin around and vomit, then i shit upon it. fuck the beat up so bad won't nobody get up on it. ..."

i aint never been scurred never been the type to bite my words, when i came up ya'll gave me shit, now i'm finna make ya'll eat them turds."


although visually that probably would have been really gross... i loved those bars or verses or whatever you call them. lol. :)

how did i go three years without ever seeing this picture?

roffle. roffle. roffle. roffle. [rofl]

the hell?! was he voguing?! ::cues up house music:: how you go from the house of ninja to rap city da bassment?! Laughing my ass off. Wooo! 

Anyways, I got lazy about this new layout the whole thing is the banner. I am a lil mac-'tarded so ... I don't know how to edit stuff anymore. I'll figure it out sometime before Xmas. Lol.

Monday, November 10, 2008


man, we are STILL unpacking and we STILL have stuff at the old place. but...it's whatever. i'm loving the new place. its so convenient! talk about gas saving my necessities are within walking distance. beauty supply store, cvs pharmacy, local fish/chicken joint, annnnd nail shop. ::nods:: that's all i really need to survive. ::nods:: 

but i am working on a new layout for this blog. i'm really getting tired of this you know... i feel like a layout is like a first impression. i've always been very persnickety, yes i said persnickety... about how it looks. i'm like that with myspace..twitter.. everything.. but i digress. 
new layout coming soon. but i gotta go for now. real chance of love is coming on and i'm frying some chicken a night full of stereotypes. yes! 

just for the hell of it... lets laugh at this ghey-ass picture:

Sunday, November 09, 2008

my thoughts on the pop champagne video...

1. Mike Epps is so stupid, lmao [0:09]
2. Ron Browz must be one of them dudes T-Pain was talking about on "Karaoke..."
3. Jim Jones looks like he smells like two day old cheap cologne, weed, & outside.
4. Ron Browz lowkey looks like Antwon Fisher [Derek Luke]...
5. Why am I not from Harlem?! I wanna get lite, son! 
6. Speaking of which, Crybaby Cosey is like the illest fat dude out here. [1:07]
7. Ya'll know I fuck with Dipset, we go back to '02. Good to see Freakey Zeeky. Feel like I'm lookin at an old friend. 
8. Santana...is still my boyfriend... he just don't know it yet.
9. Good to see it was NO ASS in this video. Annnnd dudes was getting sprayed with champagne for a change. Good job. Even those this video "costed" like 5 dollars. [edit] yeah spraying champagne on your same sex friend is kinda ghey.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

i think that ...

Ghostface Killah has been one of the best for awhile. But I think I officially love this kid now. I got some people he's needs to holla at for real, for real.

here's part two...it's just as great...

"for ya'll niggas that got mad bumps and shit son, that be comin on ya faces and shit, like i had and shit. yo, hot water nigga. hot water and sizzle them shits off man. ya know what i mean? .... especially for them niggas got bumps on ya nose lookin like the wicked witch of the east and shit..."

Friday, November 07, 2008


it's 2:AM... we moved && i have internets. how? good ol' airPort. on the desktop. && that is why i fucks with Steve Jobs. mac's up bitches...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


our cable/i-net won't be hooked up til Saturday. :( It's times like this where I wish I would have gotten the book instead of the desktop. but its cool. i guess i'll have to entertain myself the old fashioned way like... go read a book at a cafe or something...i'll holla tho.

CNN was the future last night!

anybody watch the election coverage on CNN last night? i was back and forth from CNN to MSNBC because to be honest..I fucks with MSNBC...  But CNN was pulling out the big guns, they had people appearing via HOLOGRAM?! I am like "damn, we are in the future! they beamin up people!" We got touch screen voting projections, Will.I.Am was via hologram!? fuck a satellite! I was like, geekin out. That was so cool, duude.

i am so so glad i don't have to be a "maverick." ♥

dub-ya, laura, twins... pack yo shit!!! 
keep it movin, son!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

As if this wasn't funny enough...

B. Scott's crazy ass had to comment on it. He cracks me up. If you don't want to watch the whole thing just forward to about 1:55... ROFFLE.

"if you put it up on youtube, you have given us all permission to laugh ... somehow it has got on the internet and it has brought me so much joy!"

and please do youtube "scarlet takes a tumble" it is probably THE best youtube original I have seen in a while.