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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I hope everyone has a prosperous 09. I hope you succeed in whatever it is you do. I hope those of you who are lacking in school get yourself back enrolled and stay focused. I hope you get excellent grades. All the hustlers out there I hope you continue to grind hard and get this money. Recession is out here but everything is a cycle... It'll all get better. All ya'll fighting with family and significant others... It will get better everything takes time. And you can always keep it moving and let these haters fall back. All those who were unlucky in love this year...don't worry he or she is out there. You just have to make sure you're straight. You can't offer anything to anyone else if you can't offer anything to yourself. You get what I'm saying? You have to be on point and be ready to take a chance. I know its some hellafied psychos out here so keep a blade or some mace. As we close 08 lets continue to keep knocking these weak bitches out the box. And 09 is another year that you can make a difference for yourself. Don't hold yourself to a New Years Resolution, you need to set and make goals all day everyday, ya heard? 


Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Yes. Yes... VH1 keep bringing me these fuckery induced programs that all began with the Surreal Life. Then we got that Flava Flav and Brigdette Nielsen nonsense... Then we got all that magic such as Flava of Love 1, 2, &3, I Love New York 1 & 2, Rock of Love 1 & 2, The Charm Schools, I Love Money and I'm sure I missed some stuff...Oh I can't forget Real Chance of Loooooove! If I never saw Real Chance of Love I would have never see a dude in a shower cap..period. Cuz...this is what every lady wants.

With all this being said...we get more great shows! We get the "Tool Academy" which looks great...its just another version of "From G's to Gents" except this time instead of Fake-Ass Homo-thugs we get... D-Bags! Yes! *hand motion*

Best of we ALL get I Love Money 2! Annnnnd.... Ray J is getting his own "of love" show. YES YES YES! DID YOU HEAR ME?! I SAID THAT WALKING PIECE OF DOUCHE RAY J. IS GETTING A SHOW! I saw booty clapping and some mo'. Anytime I can't get to see "the claps" i am there because i'm still figuring out how to do that shit without doing it the buffie the body way. (youtube that. no homo.) I felt like the Real Chance of Love girls were too classy. I need more hookers, hoodrats, and ho's and potentially crazy people in my Monday night programming. 

This is the I Love Money 2 cast. The people I am interesting in seeing are Cali, Milf, Buddha, Tailor Made, Saaphyri...and hell all of them. Just when I thought you couldn't get any better than last time. They really scraped up some trash!
OOH yes! I just noticed they have Angelique from Rock of Love AND T-WEED?! 

Oh and I'm realllllll excited about this one. LMAO @ Big Boobs McGee over in the corner..I love how Bret Michaels manages to get his face more and more pulled back every season...

Sunday, December 28, 2008


holiday part one is over. christmas was cool. we had ribs n shit. like we lowkey barbecued. my eight year old cousin got a wii, portable dvd player, nintendo ds, and ipod touch. i am HATING. but she said "sharona, feel free to come over and play with them anytime." to which i responded, "thanks lacey i'll keep that in mind." lol. 

yesterday i kicked it with the cousin Am. how about we lowkey got stood up! but it wasn't my date. it was this guy we went to elementary school with, who i havent seen in 10 years. He was like "yeah I'ma get up with ya'll." to which i responded, "yeah hopefully, if i dont see you have a good holiday!" this nigga gon' say "no! you will DEFINITELY see me. DEFINITELY." ::insert cricket chirps.:: nope. didnt come. so... we had a good time anyways. but just so you know... i have a new inside joke. whenever i say i'm gonna see someone but really have no intentions to, i'm going to say "DEFINITELY DEFFFFFINITELLLLLY." that was a bitch move son! 

best thing about yesterday? i bought some rainnnnnbooooots! all the ice melted here the other day and i DEFFFFFINITELLLY needed some rainboots. thanks target! i left them by the door last night and my mom comes home and wakes me up like " BOOP I LOVE THOSE RAINBOOTS... FIEERRRRCE!!" smh. they look so good with skinny's and leggings. they kinda look like a riding boot but i was breaking necks yesterday with these sexy mofos.

*update* they are fur-lined...yes! now i won't freeze. 

Thursday, December 25, 2008


go ahead and buss this cd out. this is THEE worst christmas cd and i am about to blast it and piss everyone in the house off! shouldn't have bought it for me in 02! ::shrugs::

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

usually i'm on my grinch around these times of the year. but i dunno. this year, i got a sudden change of heart. i have a christmas spirit. unfortunately i'm broke as hell so no gifts for you, you, or you.. but i love you anyway. and when i get some money...we will be ballin' like jim jones two years ago. and speaking of which... NOTE TO DIPSET. STOP WITH THOSE DAMN CHRISTMAS SONGS. thank you.

merry christmas or happy holidays to all!

lmao...i had to. see ya after the holiday! ♥

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

so yesterday i fell asleep on tyra @ 4:30pm and i woke up at 4:55am. i was so confused upon awakening..

i thought i slept for 25 minutes. however.... i slept twelve hours. fucking early winter sunsets.

anyways the other night, i decided to bake some brownies. i learned four lessons... 
1. you can't buy everything from Aldi's and brownie mix is included in that everything.
2. if you add flour to brownie mix to correct the fact that you incorrectly followed the directions that specifically stated to"add 1/4 cup of water" instead of "1 cup and 1/4 of water" thinking it would...absorb some of the liquid... you will end up with a cake instead of the brownies you intended.
3. home baked goods taste better the second day.
4. my attempt at "being domestic" was an epic fail. and as you can see by the first picture...i knew it. me and my future husband must hire a chef or at least a baker.
it tasted better than it looked. i mean, it does look like a crashed meteorite but... it was pretty good. oh and ignore the fact that it has holes and dimples. i had to poke it with toothpicks, ya know? so you know its done...lessons learned people. lessons learned.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

damn andy samburg why are you so funny?! and...yes!

for me this was roffle-tastic and its so damn catchy.

speaking of which... these two are making a movie together... smh...i hope there are individual scenes of them shirtless and something involving water or essential oils in slo-mo... 

jizz. in. my. pants. lmao. jk. no really..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

excuse the fact that i ALWAYS have an unmade bed in the background. i promise i'm clean.

so this top... because i'm short, can be a dress with leggings and will be my NYE outfit. NYE 09 baby. originally, i planned to sit in bed eating sherbet-punch or as i call it frappe' and watch ryan seacrest drop the ball a whole hour early because I'm on central time. but my girl Adrienne came to the rescue she is promotin a party that night. DISCOUNT! hollllla. this top. leggings. knee high boots. heavy accessories. purple and black makeup with silver and gold accents. long hair. yesss. i'm going to be a hot tranny fierce bitch!

52 followers?! thanks guysss...

hey! aside from all the clips of funny stuff and me expressing myself...kinda... ::clears throat.:: i just wanted to say, thanks sooooo much for following me. you don't know HOW much i appreciate it. this is just a lil piece of me. my blog is simply a collage of the crap i like, how i feel about certain things, and randoms that i wanted to put somewhere that i can find it later. lol. THIS IS ME. Thus the name. SO 52 people... is an HONOR. Like for real.. dude... and you guys are 52 of the dopest people on blogger no seriously! I read everyone's blog on the regular and I'm glad I know you...you know..in a cyberway. ::side-eye:: smh. And shoutout to those who might follow anonymously! Leave a comment or something so I can check your blog out too. It's all love here!

- ♥ me :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

dude, you're dating my 57 year old father...

ROFLMAO... my jaw dropped soooo many times. Mad props to Jonah Hill who I think is one of the funniest people on Earth right now.

Monday, December 15, 2008


everyone knows my numero uno celebrity baby daddy is Lil Skateboard P. But..as of late.... I have been all up on that Young L of The Pack. I've been a Pack fan for a minute. And...I dunno guys he's got a lil swaaaag. Mmph. ME LIKEY. Ayy..if you know him...put me on.. when I finish the diet. LMAO. New boytoy...


i hate when i miss a day of blogging. so much happens. one of my besties amy went off to the navy today. i'm sad! we don't get to talk for 6 weeks and i talk to her everyday. :( aww good luck amy roo-hoo! i'm gonna mishyou! who am i gonna get to make jerked out jokes with everyday? i guess i gotta send you one of those bomby care packages. i'mma sneak some jolly ranchers, nudie pics, and the newest issues of Nylon and InStyle, k? 

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Because they want to spit shit about you. You really want my attention that bad? But that doesn't stop the fact that your raps is corny as hell. It wasn't even an insult. I'll be a "prude" all day...what we had was really irrelevant. I'm sorry, son. Originally, I was gonna post that shit but I really don't want to give you ANY shine; or risk losing people who read this on the regular. :) But I couldn't help to think about this when I heard that song...I thought about this scene.

"see you found yourself a nigga, nigga here now!"

Friday, December 12, 2008


and i found one of my favorite movies! Raising Victor Vargas. I haven't seen it in years. I think the last time I saw it. I too was a teenager. I have always loved Independent Films because they just seem less... artificial? I mean, movies are all about entertainment but its good to see something that's not all "big budgeted" for a change. The plots always seem to affect me in a different way and are memorable. It's a good film. It definitely makes me remember stuff from back in the days

the trailer made it look kinda hokey but its not. lol. you can watch it in its entirety here on youtube. which is good to know. i prefer to watch "tv" on the computer anyways these days. i'm so lazy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008




I said to myself repeatedly "i'm not gonna post this." but its so fucking funny and crazy at the same time that i couldn't help it.

::crosses fingers:: i can't wait for the day that i get cursed out in autotune.

don't worry no actual "throw" was involved.

it's always sunny in philadelphia is DEFINITELY one of my favorite shows. i was on hulu catching up some shows and i remembered this one cracked me up. if you are not on it yet, HULU.COM is whats up. you can watch all the good shows and movies for free. but anyways...i MISSED BAD GIRLS CLUB last night. i was a lil sicky and i went to sleep. :( oh well... they will repeat a billion times..

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

i ain't never had that ever happen to me!

since we are close to christmas. time to break out the christmas movies!

"i'm tryna see what that be like..."

Monday, December 08, 2008


1. Link to the person that tagged you at the top and post the rules on your blog.
2. Answer the questions
3. Tag random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

It's simple. Give 3 statements about sex. Ask 3 questions about sex. Tag 6 people. Leave a comment letting them know you tagged them.
LaaLaa tagged me.
1. WHY DO YOU THINK THAT MEN LIKE TO RECIEVE ORAL SEX AND HARDLY EVER GIVE?  yo, you are messing with the wrong ones..because... lmao
see... about tapes. i have a friend who made a tape right? dude, went around showing everyone "look what i did, look at her." for 1 the girl in the tape was a hot mess, for 2 he was gonna put on the internet. that right there is a lesson learned. you won't see my ass clapping all over myspace. so i would never make one...without deleting it right after.
superhead [i know her name is karrine but honestly which is easier to remember?] got books and a nice house and for some reason is still relevant in the world. cassie still has a record deal, music videos, movie roles and ad campaigns. i'm pretty sure marilyn monroe did it too. ::nods:: yeah, nigga that shit works.

1. Do you really think that the saying "Fat Girls Are Easy" is true?
2. Can you spawn a real relationship out of a one night stand or a friends with benefits situation?
3. Now keep it real....You watch porn don't you? Do you think it's taboo for women to watch porn?

Tag people: [for some of you, YES YOU ARE TAGGED AGAIN.]

I GOT TAGGED. *update*

Come back later. I'll do it. This is taking too much time right now. 


this was yesterday. we were watching family guy as usual when he comes to visit. but he didnt quite make it past 10:30. but what did i tell you? diet sabotage happened today. this dude [being my father.] walked in the door with tons of J&J's Chicken and Fish. Unfamiliar as to what that is?
this pretty much. i had to partake. back on the ol' dusty trail tomorrow. i had lost 5 pounds so far! back on that lemonade crap tomorrow. :)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

so...i woke up and it was reallly bright...

needless to say i wasn't expecting all that white outside. no sir! i hate wintertime.this is my 2nd full time winter back in chicago since i originally left for school.ugh. i can't.

Friday, December 05, 2008

celebrity fit club day2.

i'm proud of myself. i walked a mile today. more than i have in weeks! because...i am lazy. however...
i feel like this rite now. thanx slimquick.
welp..my dad is coming to visit me tomorrow. i wonder how many different ways he is going to try to sabotage my diet, lmao... he is going to cook something i can't resist...on purpose or walk in my room with a big mac. watch... 

Thursday, December 04, 2008

diet # 478. let's do thiiiiis!

i got up this morning, weighed myself & screamed "AH HELLLLLLL NAH!" got in the shower. put on clothes. grabbed my keys, jumped in the car and straight down the street to walmart i went. 
annnnd this is what i picked up..
in addition to eating better and working out. lets hope this works. 

no sir, i don't like it.

so the pussy monster is nominated for 8 grammy's? and you tellin me that jay-z & kanye are only up for 6?! and coldplay 7?! WHAT THE EFF? thees ees some bullsheet! [sorry about that accent i watched "Big Daddy" earlier today. i tend to do the delivery man's accent. my bad...] anyways, this is strange. well "Swagger Like Us" is nominated as is "Paper Planes" which is looking good either way for M.I.A. For best rap album it's between : Tha Carter III, American Gangster, Paper Trail,  Lupe's cd that I ignored and Nas's cd. my vote is for American Gangster allllll the way. Even Barack Obama said that was one of his favorite cd's. ::throws hands up:: sorry i had to spaz for a minute. maybe he's just a loveable guy but i don't know him so,  i mean, weezy you aight. i'm like he's 1 out of 5 for me. you can play 5 of his songs...i'm only gonna like one. sorry but i just don't get it. :shrugs:: 

it'sa me marrrrrio & some robot talk..

well i say next year, if i'm booed up by halloween, maybe... me and the "boo" can go as mario mario and princess toadstool. i think that would be so cute! you know, if he's down. i love to look at halloween costumes in my spare time. ::shrugs:: i dunno, i have an active imagination. (however DO NOT even BEGIN to ask me how i ran across this...) i'm down to be princess toadstool, as long as my mario mario doesn't look like this...

now for somethin totally diff.....

this really wasn't that bad. i liked it. "Say You Will" is probably my favorite. I sing it in the bathroom when I do my hair. you know, for the reverb sound. don't judge.. my other fave is "Paranoid" it makes me think of Miami Vice. however, nothing will personally top "Graduation" for me. well good Kan, you got this out of your system. now..back to spitting a hot 16 or whatever you call it. no more vocoders and excessive use of autotune. don't get me wrong, i like robots. however ... i don't like YE'-bots. i like my kanye's in a robot free zone.

speaking of robots....have you heard this song?? ROFFLECOPTER. i laughed SO hard at this song! it's so creative and you can totally see it in your head. good shit. i like it a lot. good ol' teddy pain.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


neeeewww heaaader. ::claps:: i'm so excited about it! it took me all of 10 minutes to make. smh. i coulda had one weeks ago! but ya like? ANNND i have 23 followers now! how [bomb] is that? i'm trying to bring that word back by the way, lol. thanks everyone for reading!! i appreciate it ;)
as usual this show will NOT disappoint. ::crosses fingers:: please fellow black girl from chicago don't embarass me. so far, ol' girl from boston is my favorite. but i could be wrong, on the last season, first episode jennavecia was my favorite. so... my judgement could be off. question? after they broke in the house... did they ever find the key?? & why didn't anyone check the mailbox?

if you're not familiar with the show or you don't watch it like that. you can catch up from the original season episode 1 on oxygen's website in the O2 video area....

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

T0P 25 0N MY iP0D...

you ever check to see what songs have the most plays on your itunes? well here's mine. i'm so curious as to what yours are....
kanye west-flashing lights[154x's] pharrell / snoop & charlie w.-that girl[134x's] a tribe called quest-bonita applebum[131x's] j dilla-think twice[130x's] danity kane /rick ross-ecstacy[115x's] danity kane-secret place[114x's] pharrell / jay-z-frontin[103x's] jay-z-fallin[102x's] jay-z-dig a hole[101x's] missez / pimp c-love song[99x's] common / mary j. blige-come close [98x's] jay-z-party life[95x's] kanye west-can't tell me nothin[95x's] kelis-get along with you[95x's] a tribe called quest-find a way[95x's] day26-are we in this together[94x's] day26-don't fight the feeling[94x's] esthero-country livin(the world i know)[94x's] trey songz-the last time[94 x's] j dilla / dwele-dime piece (remix)[92x's] drake-brand new[91x's] jadakiss / styles p-we gon make it[91x's] jay-z-say hello[91x's] drake / trey songz-replacement girl[90x's] freeway / jay-z, beans-what we do[90x's]

apparently this is how i look when i'm starving.

Monday, December 01, 2008

i'm usually an SNL person but MADTV was so funny sometimes.

5 things that make me laugh my ass off about this:
1. lovermuffin, lovermuffin, lovermuffin. that chorus.
2. Aries Spears lowkey sounds like Ma$e..
3. the cd is called crazyboobyrainbow, ROFFLE (rofl).
4. [2:06-2:13] i died.
5. and just the way the song ended.

re: britney's mtv show

it was BO-RING. i didn't get any explanations other than "i feel like a prisoner." SO! YOU AREN'T. YOU ARE BALLIN AND YOUR DADDY MAKES YOU CHEESE GRITS EVERY MORNING, WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED BRITNEY? not to mention, millions of minions & probably the gheyest fanbase next to madonna. she is fine, nothing wrong with her, she's just a goofy. did anyone notice she called Kevin her baby's daddy?  LMAO. i was like.."uhhh" but whatev.. this was not EVEN REMOTELY as entertaining as "Living with Michael Jackson." I was waiting for the next "you don't climb trees???" 

speaking of michael jackson....