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Saturday, January 31, 2009

i think i figured out "the game"

"boys are always confused by girls because we always expect too much and girls are always confused by boys because they dont always give what we expect." - me.

am i right? what do you think?

Friday, January 30, 2009

CAN I HAVE HIM? [drake]

like I really want him. lmao. like i want him to be my superboo. if you know aubrey... tell him he has a superboo waiting for him in Nashville, Tennessee..  oh i have had a crush on him for like 5 years. now that he raps..even better. degrassi sucks now anyway. oooh that voice. that teach you a lesson remix on comeback season... ::drools:: so yeah relay that message to him. thanks! lmao

Thursday, January 29, 2009


SO MOTHAFUCKIN CONFUSING! EITHER YOU LIKE ME OR YOU DONT. IF YOU DON'T, ACT LIKE YOU DONT AND LEAVE ME ALONE THEN. grrr.... DON'T BE ALL IN MY FACE ONE MINUTE THEN I DONT HEAR FROM YOU OR SEE YOU FOR DAYS. IF ITS ANOTHER BITCH DROP HER WEAK ASS ... YOU KNOW WHO I AM! Erggg... I had to vent. I will definitely have something for his ass. It's called an ignore button. Now he will know how it feels. Dude, I feel like I'm sweatin him. And I dont like being sweated or sweatin anyone. He needs to get it together with his wishywashy sometimey ass!
sorry bout that guys.. i had to vent.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ya'll are so gonna kill me for being M.I.A.

You are now looking at one of the latest people you get to scream at when complaining about your Sprint bill. LMAO. I got a new job today. And Karma is gonna bite me in the ass for all the times and all people I called ppl "bitches and motherfuckers" back when I was a Sprint user. 

Anyways... I promise when I have the time I will sit down and really express what's going on. New job. New place. New boo? Perhaps... we will see. 

Tonight! B-day get together for my roomie Ashley L. Happy birthday sweets!


Friday, January 16, 2009


this is my little homie nina. one of the illest bitches in chi-town. she blogs here at New Shoes But No Gas. She has a couple little hot items on sale you should get at. As of today, she is selling her authentic Louis V speedy. She's got ill ass Nikes and the Married to the Mob x Reebok collabo for the small feetsies! So here is the site. Fuck with the girl! She's got the pics up, great prices and all! I wish I had the $$$ for the speedy and a smaller foot for the kicks. However I am 5'3 and I just moved to Nashville TN. So... it's a no go for me but you should definitely get at it!... http://newshoesbutnotgas.blogspot.com

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


what up what up?! i love my new home. i will have updates soon...

umm..yeah real chance of love? treated. i think chance is HO-MO. i knew cornfed was gonna win! bay bay bay was a lil too "yappy." she reminded me a lil tan chihuahua... lowkey the taco bell dog! lol.

annnnnd.. that is all for now. whats been going on? have i missed anything? 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

my french is a little shaky however

i this video & song. 

whoever the dude is in this song she's talking about. she treated [like bagged, checked, roasted] the shit out of him.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Friendship Never Ends.

Ashley is really bummed about me moving to Nashville. Out of everyone...I am going to miss her THEE most. That's my main beeyitch. That's the Salt to my Pepa. No homo. It was a sudden move. I am moving on Sunday. I found out Wednesday. It had been a maybe but I signed my lease yesterday evening. 

meet the official roommates.

my cousin Am at the bottom and our friend Ash at the top. let's see how long it'll be before i try to strangle them in their sleep for not cleaning up something, lmao. jk jk. we took all these pics back in november and i previously posted them here. before it was official.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

a lil skateboard porn..

i mean .... cuz... this picture will be printed out and framed in my room very soon.

salmonella outbreak!

i hope you guys are cooking your food thoroughly and being careful about eggs cuz its a mad salmonella outbreak in the US going on right now. 

well how do you know if you got it?
sudden and severe symptoms including: 
sudden BAD headache.
throwing up all over the place.
being a poop machine. possibly at the same time.
cramps. fever. flu-like symptoms. loss of appetite.

i think my homie had a case of it last night. this dude had a bit of all that and he ate fish, the batter contained eggs so thats two big salmonella factors right there. it was either that or the ciroc vodka that he poured into his spaghetti sauce. ::shrug::

how to prevent:
wash your dirty ass hands with antibacterial soap when you are cooking! 
wash your dirty ass vegetables, fruit, chicken, fish..etc! 
cook your chicken, fish, eggs, thoroughly! and if you spill eggs on the
counter wipe up with one of those antibacterial wipe joints! <--sorry
i turned into ghostface killah...  speaking of which remember this? 

anyways be careful its scary out there!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

on my polyvore yadig....

do you polyvore? its this site where you can piece together outfits. yanno if you wanna get your rachel zoe on from time to time. here is one of my many creations..

 [ S H A R 0 N A * ]

Annnnd I discovered this site.. Even though its January. Step ya frame game up, houseofsunglasses.com got it 4 cheap. 

i'm working on something....

not for the blog per se' but i will let you know some time at the end of this week. i don't want to speak on it and jinx it. i was gonna do a vlog today but i didnt have anything entertaining to do or say today. lol! so with that...i wanna say "thanks to all the new people that follow now!!"

also... this is soooooooo freakin funny. because snl gets it right everytime. especially lmaoooo @ "when michelle does the advanced style."

Sunday, January 04, 2009

YES 09 is starting off riiiiight. Travie is on the market... mmph!

Katy you need to take this knife and STAB YO'SELF. You let a good one go. He was too fly for you anyway....

here is a letter i'm working on getting to travie...

Dear Travie,
IT'S 09. LET'S GET IT IN. Sorry about your 808 and
heartbreak. But leave that non-dressing heffa in 08.
You are fresh out of a relationship, so...I'll give you
some time but... call me. We can make a love bomb.
I'm not hot and then cold. Annd I never kissed a girl
& if i did i wouldn't like it. Not when I could have a
big piece of unibrowed-tattoo-rhyme-spitting sexy
like u.
Fuck witcha girl!

- ♥ S

my letter might need some work...nor am i "hood" enough to end a letter with fuck witcha girl. lmao...

Friday, January 02, 2009

i am so bad at walking in heels...

well sometimes. as you all should know by now.. i am a yo-yo girl. meaning thats what my weight does yo-yo. so when i'm on the lighter side of life i can walk with ease and now that i'm on the heavy side heels are not my friend! so i end up looking like a combination of the three of these walks. but anyways here's a tip on walking in heels.

LMAOOOO @ the stiff knees and gripping of the thighs.

I will just have to work it out because bakersshoes.com has some shoes that I need in my life! I can't be "Shashah Fierce" without heels!