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Saturday, February 28, 2009


it's long i know... but stick with it. i'm tellin a story!

conclusion: i dont think he'll ever talk to me again. sad but not life changing and i definitely will get over it. i just want him to know that i am sorry no one is perfect we all make mistakes and i was confused in my moment of weakness i acted an ass. my bad! I am not Mya or Jazmine Sullivan. Ya'll can have that crazy broad stuff. It's not me. I'm more than mad at myself for being a follower than anything else that happened! Good people make mistakes. Right? I'm on my Chris Brown right now. Just bad press for a weak moment. smh.

Friday, February 27, 2009

dammit dream! everytime!

he always makes a song and video that i absolutely adore. all you need in video for me to like it is...a group of girls dancing so i can practice in the mirror and do that shit at the club and some kinda metallic element to it. whether it be lots of gold or silver. thats all. or a hot color like purple or pink and i love it. this is my song right here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

whats your twitter?

just making sure we are all aware that I am on twitter. are you on twitter? if so, add me!

dear willie taylor,

if it wasnt for you and your juic-ay bod-ay i woulda stopped watching making the band a loooonnnng time ago. well your body and diddy's ridiculousness keep me tuned in faithfully. sigh.... where was all of this hiding when we both lived in chicago, willie?

Friday, February 20, 2009

you look so dumb right now.....

i wasn't talking about rihanna...i was singing... her song...i swear...::sideeye::

again... i dont think chris brown just hauled off and fucked her up. i am not justifying his actions however...you as a woman cannot play victim and let it get to this point. if you keep fuckin with him eventually he will fuck you up one day. i dont like how the media is portraying him to be a monster and her being a princess. read between the lines people. i know you cant put nothing past people but at the same time do you think i would let this nigga [see pic below] do that [see pic above] to me?! what thee fuck dude?! i read body language VERY WELL. look at some of these clips of rihanna and chris together. look at some of the paparazzi shots. she looks like a bitch to me. quite a few industry people are saying shes a bit of a diva and they saw her go hard on him quite a few times. this nigga snapped. thats all to it. and again this does not justify chris taking her down..no pun intended..::evil snickers::. and beating the brakes off her ass.

and shoutouts to tmz they alllllllways come through with that proof. and people believe damn near everything you read because these blogs necolebitchie.com, bossip.com, mediatakeout.com, theybf.com, crunktastical.net... they be on it! mediatakeout...mmm.. about 75-80% truth. for real. they be on it!! i have read so many rumors that turned out to be true this year... alright enough celebrity gossip i have real life shit to think about. my utilities bill came today. ha!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lady Gaga why do I like you so much?!

This is what pop is supposed to be. I think she screams fashionista to me. She is deliciously tacky and couture at the same time. Lets face it without that platinum weave she'd be nothing. lol. Christina Aguilera you can go raise your kids now you've been replaced. 

I dunno about that raise your fist grab crotch and wiggle move at the end. But...::shrugs:: whatever. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear Kanye, i'm so ready 4 U 2 stop lookin like this.

You need to fire Pee Wee Kirkland's (i'll give you time to google.) barber and get it together. The people have spoken and they are concerned. Like I'm mad tired of looking at you looking like this. I know people brought back high top fades but a shag? Either way all ya'll look stupid. I can't believe you are getting any play with that hairstyle. However, i'll always love you like Whitney Houston in '92. You put Chi-Town back on the map and helped to resurrect Common and Twista's careers. I can't be mad at ya, but get it together you fly muhfucka.

Monday, February 16, 2009

quickie before work...

so quick update. v-day was blah. like i predicted. i sat around and looked pretty. lmao. boo to all those dudes out there who call my phone everyday but ig'ed the hell out of me on Saturday. and i guess boo back to me for only calling my girls and fam...YEAH RIGHT. 
anyways... i gotta get going. but let me just be one of the first to say... if you haven't downloaded my imaginary superboo Drake's new mixtape "SO FAR GONE" please do your ears the pleasure. you can get it on his blog : octobersveryown.blogspot.com for me to be such a Drake stan, I reallly don't read it as much as I should... or could. But back to the cd. OH EM GEE. Allow me to spaz and teenybop for a moment.. 

This has been on repeat since Friday when he released it. It has my favorite singer Tremaine on it. Trey Songz as you regular people call him. It has a lotta Weezy F. Ehh...I like him a little bit. And Lloyd! You coulda kept that Omarion track but I lowkey fucks with him too. The Lykke Li Little Bit remix has been on my radar for sometime. I EFFING love that, I love how he jumped in and tweaked the lyrics and the beat. I LOVE LOVE LOVE successful and the Lloyd "one night off...6 o'clock in the morning at the studio" joint. However its a refreshing cd and it has all kinds twists and turns. Its a little gangsta but at the same time sweet. Just like I like my men. LMAO. All street love baby. ::sideeye:: Ok...so all in all...Its THEE best and you should d/l it. I promise you'll like it. Its kinda got a 808s and Heartbreaks if Kanye spent a little time in the South feel. ::shrugs:: but anyways I gotta go before I am late for work...again. I'll talk more about work soon. ttyl!
oh and for the hell of it...here's a pic of drake. ::long deep sigh...::

Friday, February 13, 2009

"he's not that into you" tip.

check your call log on your "boo"...
who calls who more? do you call him/her more? like significantly more than the other?
YOU might wanna fall back. I'm just saying they might not be that into you. If someone likes you as much as you like them. I don't care what anybody says... they will make time. Even if it's 45 seconds.... So with that I'M FALLING BACK.

And with that being said. I'm so not being bi-polar about this. Or Gemini about this. But..I think I really am giving up this time. Like dude, I am not a child. I am not to be played with. Don't "indian give" (no offense its just a phrase) time and consistency. Everytime I get comfortable the rug gets yanked from under me. What is that? So, I'm not sweatin it and I'm tired of walking around looking like a big pink question mark.

Sidenote: You ever wonder if the people you are talking about read what you are saying?! lol. I hope not because I realllllllly want to express this verbally. Because I feel like its not fair. Oh and believe some boos are acting up because Valentine's Day is tomorrow. But still... I'm so over it dude.

Monday, February 09, 2009

another look i put together

it's mini fierce. nothing too fancy. if you're curious about my other looks.. click on the "i got a lil fashionista in me somewhere..." category.

* fASHi0NiSTA.
[ S H A R 0 N A * ] on Polyvore.com

Chris Smacked Rihanna?!

Is that really what happened? If so...I can't help but to laugh. I'm sorry. Like... I don't normally laugh at domestic abuse. But for some reason I just can't help to think she started it...and thinking about her accent...i wonder how she sounds when she's yelling back and forth. And who gets smacked by Chris Brown? He looks weak as hell. Dude...I got jokes and re-enactments in my head for days. 

I feel like MSNBC usually doesn't get in on tabloid shit... so this is true.

here's the story below:

[when you take the time out to imagine what happened...have the song "smack my bitch up" playing in your head. or... "whoop that trick" from that one movie when terrence howard had a perm. LMAO. ]

Sunday, February 08, 2009

what am i doing for valentines day?

my prediction? the same thing i do every year. just sit around and be pretty. can you believe i have never ever had a valentine? WACK. i accept it though. ::sighs:: lets hope that guy who made me float to my doorstep last post comes through this saturday. 

excuse my red eyes. i always poke myself with the liner. lmao.

Friday, February 06, 2009

you know how when you go out with someone

that you like.. and you had a great time. and you feel like you just floated up to your doorstep? lmao ... that's how i feel right now.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

My roomies bday was last tuesday. we threw her a lil get together.

I cooked the chicken. The beans and cornbread were brought over by our friend Missy!

Ashley's mom mailed her a cake all the way from Seattle. That was so dope!

We bought her an ipod transmitter, cuz that ol' cassette stuff is out.

of course we took shots!
they were ROUGH!

I kept going...

We were TRASHED.

See? she had a Happy Bday! A party isn't a party til somebody passes out!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

when sharona was in egypts land. let my sharona goooo.

cameron from ferris bueller's day off. this is exactly how i felt today. i am sick. :(

Monday, February 02, 2009

it's groundhog day...

ever seen the movie? this is the gist of it..

i haven't seen it in a long time but i cracked up.