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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

see this is why i ♥ Pharrell.

he is about as retarded as i am. lol.

saw this over @ trashbagaesthetics.com

THROWBACK! this was my song.

and it still is! this shit still sounds good. you know how some songs sound outdated? but you know what is outdated? that mustache and s-curl. lmao. remember when it was a whole buncha dudes walkin around lookin soft as hell?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

i tend to go for guys dressed like this..

i LiKE MY B0YZ FREShh.. - by [ S H A R 0 N A * ] on Polyvore.com

fitted caps are a must... if you wear the fitteds, skinny jeans, slim tees and nikes? ur my type all the way.

Friday, March 20, 2009


i can assure you i am not missing. i'm simply being a sprint operator. you know how you dial *2 for a rep? thats where i come in. i'm the rep. i work from 3:30pm to 12:am thus. i haven't had time to blog. i mean dude i don't wake up til... 1? lol and it takes me an hour to get dressed. but i will be back asap. i promise. love ya guys! and hey to all the new followers its like 30 of you. and also i update twitter more too so follow me there http://twitter.com/SHAR0NA <-- thats a zero. holla! but as i'm not updating... i have tons of past posts that a lot of you guys didn't see from back when i had like two followers. check those out!
me and some of my people from training class [the ones i talk to the most]

and sometimes we get our top model on, lmao.

yes i worked in 5 inches.... i sit all day. lol.

see? i'm safe ;) ttyl.

OH SHOUTOUT TO RAWKII aka Amber.Nicole thanks for the nom you are simply fabulous as well. ;) check her out at blahloverrr.blogspot.com or simply click on her name. AND P.S. you guys asked who does my hair? [in reference to the vlog on the 28th] ME! i do it :) i'm the only who touches my head!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

i ♥ chet.

Now usually I am not a big fan of the "vanilla" flavor. No offense... but Chet on Real World....is so my boyfriend. lol. I dunno why I just love that guy. I love how he dresses and his sense of humor. In all actuality I would never date him but again, Chet is so my boyfriend. I decided to write him this letter tell me what you think....::clears throat::

Dear Chester,
U R SOOOOO HAWT. I love the fact that you sew your own clothes and everything else you own has to be from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. Well, what a coinkidink I shop there too. And I love purple. More importantly I love u in purple. We r meant to b. I saw the way you looked at Devyn on the first episode. I KNOW I look better than her. My weave has a part and my boobs are about the same size but REAL. Most people thought SHE was the tranny anyways....I'm just sayin...UR pretty fly for a white guy. wink. ;}
xoxo, Sharona. ::deep sigh::

::disclaimer:: i'm really not THIS creepy in real life. its just a talent.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

thoughts of the day.

give it up two times for me I'm a certified Sprint Operator. I passed my training and got a certificate. however when I got on the phones...I couldn't even help myself. LMAO. I'm hoping it was nerves.

ladies...when it comes to these lame ass dudes out here please don't chase em. replace em. simple. somebody always is willing to be a replacement. and let them know they are REPLACEABLE. And with that being said. I gots me a temporary replacement for old dude i was "cryin" about last week. Weak moment... I KNOW. smh.

target is on point with the shoes. i'm going to treat myself to a home pedicure and some sandals today. probably these:

or something strappy, gladiatorish...those will be in style for the third summer in a row. wooo! cuz i stocked up last yr.

and last but not least.... i can't get Day26's "Stadium Music" out of my head. dammit b. cox you get me everytime with these jams.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Kanye's hair doesn't bother me on tv as much as on pictures.

I enjoyed watching Storytellers last night home alone with a big bowl of Neopolitan Ice Cream in my pajamas in the dark. The girls went to some Kappa party I don't keep up with whats going on on campus because I am a temporary college dropout. Most people call it a leave of absence or taking a semester/year off. Whatever I haven't been a real student since Spring 07. I took a few random non transferable irrelevant credits. They were free at least. Its cool tho... I will hopefully be able to re-enroll in the summer. ANYWAYS, I enjoyed Storytellers to the fullest. Everyone knows how I feel about Kanye. He is the greatest. I mean Jay-Z is my favorite rapper of all time. But I go dumb for Kan. I feel like he does NO wrong. But this one is my fave performances of the show...

"Thats a story for yo ass."