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Sunday, March 28, 2010

its my mini-me's birthday!

this picture is like 4 years old but overall we still look the same. 
me and my Lacey Janae'.
I can't believe she turns 10 today. 
Happy Birthday Diva!
so if it's Lacey's birthday that means its exactly 2 months until mine...

Friday, March 26, 2010

you know me. i take breaks from blogging until i get another creative burst. my thoughts of last week..

- missy & sheena must visit more often especially with our debates about fashion and pop culture over vanilla shakes at 1am.
- i am bruce banner.. "you wouldn't like me when i'm angry" i'm ok with that.
- i'm covered in every region. *in my fab voice* niiiiice!
- skype is absolutely wonderful. just wanted to say that.
- reconciliation takes time. its all about baby steps. 
- if you're still mad about my opinions...fuck you for not respecting them.
- parting is such sweet sorrow. 
- i've been singing "candy shop".... the version from the hangover.
- i have bangs. stop calling me nicki!
- i am not sure if i believe you ... but i'll put it in my pocket.
- life cannot keep being repetitious. its boring, son.
- even if you thought about doing it...it still hurts the same as if you did...even if you didn't.
- i try so hard to not use the phrase "niggas ain't shit." hell, "people in general ain't shit"


Friday, March 19, 2010


this is the screensaver on my computer. no he's not my crush. i just think he's cool. besides anybody who wears authentics, fitteds, likes to sing, and has an affection for trees is alllllright with me. see? we already have stuff in common. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

#nailsdid. matte nails?

here they go another spring trying to make matte nails happen. i can't and i won't. not feeling it. i think it's gonna feel creepy. you ever brush your hand against that kinda paint on someone's wall. erks me. the color is great but the best part about my mani is looking at my shiny nails. in my opinion #fail.
what do you think?

maybe on my toes?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday, March 06, 2010


this is my best friend khristian. i have known her since i was twelve and we were born six days apart. you know whats even cooler? she's random as hell. you should be so jealous that you dont have a best friend who robots on the las vegas strip at midnight in ninety degree weather to 'flo-rida'.  she blogs here-> http://www.ohsorandomchick.blogspot.com 

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

enter code SS6 at checkout for 25% off your order!

sale at steven shein!! i love his pieces especially the acrylic jewelry.. i have a couple of his necklaces. i think i'm gonna go ahead and order a nameplate! ;) click the pic to take a look!

Monday, March 01, 2010


i heard that rapper Guru from Gang Starr / Guru's Jazzmatazz slipped into a coma yesterday. Sometime this past weekend he suffered from a heart attack. i hope everything is ok & he pulls through. i met him a couple years ago he was a really nice dude; down to earth. [i had an internship at a record store / promotion company in chicago that gave me to opportunity to work with industry people.] he gave me words of advice. he told me if i "want to do anything in the industry, anything at all... you have to network. real talk." i mean it's common sense but shit it stuck with me. &he gave me free tickets to his show that nite. he's forever cool in my book. lol. with that being said, pray for dude and his loved ones.