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Friday, July 30, 2010


so. its this guy at work that i think is totally cute. jokingly, i always call him 'future ex-boyfriend' today, we were talking about relationships and how he's on the outs with his girl. i try not to meddle but i told him, since he loves her and they been together not to give up so easily...yanno try to make it work... he insisted they were over and he can't deal with the drama. fair enough. so, i told him a bit about my last BF and our problems...and how i could relate except I didn't date him that long and I wasn't in love. But needless to say, I told him he'd be okay. We continued to chit-chat in between helping the agents on calls and as the night ended, he walked me to my car. and told me he'd let me know when he's officially single. *insert record scratching noise* *looks left. then right. then points to self with eyebrows raised* WHAT?! boy, bye. a lil chit-chat and minor flirting and you're gonna make me an option? geez....don't be so easy.
can't you just be cute? and leave it at being cute?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

this is like my theme song right now.

"homeboy, its totally obvi. you dont be listening to her mind. she wanna get right, get money, get sex, get real, all intertwined."


Sorry guys. I've been busy with work. I got another promotion :) So yay! I got it after I threw a hissy fit and expressed how I felt. I threatened to quit and didn't log in one day. Talked to several upper-managers and the next day I was training to be in a management position. They claimed they just didn't know I wanted to do it. Well now you know. I'm ready to succeed and I'm highly competitive so I'm excited. 

Unfortunately, my schedule isn't going to allow for me to go to school in the day. I might have to transfer for the fourth time so I can find somewhere with some night classes. The cool thing is I work 10:00am to 7:00pm so I beat the morning and evening rush hours. cool.  

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

leaving for atlanta tomorrow nite. be back monday mornien.  ttyl. - sharona

Monday, July 19, 2010

i miss BET Uncut.

its the place where I discovered that Tec from Real World Hawaii was a rapper. ::shrugs::
*stands up and does the same ol two step to the beat*

Sunday, July 18, 2010

bring me down x late orchestration

if you didn't hear late orchestration. it was truly amazing. you can find it on youtube. this is one of my faves. and find the behind the scenes..kanye was so incredibly hands on from arranging the strings and putting on the makeup on the cellists. seriously. "respeck"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

words of wisdom.

if you can't do it. then someone else can. remember that. think about it and do better.

Friday, July 16, 2010

talk to him, Jill.

jill is so freakin real. look at her facial expressions when she's singing the first verse. loves it.

"but baby are you happy? without me?"

Thursday, July 15, 2010

hate me now.

so, i got a call from a friend on Saturday who decided that he just simply doesn't fuck with me anymore. apparently to him, I'm a bad friend and a hater. at first, i felt kind of blindsided by his accusations of my "phoniness" and my abrupt change. then i thought about it. i'm not phony by any means. outspoken? yes. if i have some shit to say about you, i will most definitely say it to your face. and if it hurts your feelings..*kanye shrug* you will get over it. i'm HIGHLY emotional. i'm a "reactor" meaning if something happens that i don't like. i instantly react and i POP OFF. a day later i'm fine. as a matter of fact i am a BIG TIME "panicker." i have panic attacks monthly. but guess what? i have to get over stuff every damn day. my nigga, you can do it too. i really don't have time to walk around talking about you or anybody else. thats petty and childish. what kind of childish ass people reside here? gossip? even celebrity gossip absolutely bores me. i learned many years ago not to contribute to lip service just for the simple fact that people LOVE to fucking misconstrue my words...or just give me words / actions or that i didn't even say or do. i mean....he wouldn't even give me valid points as to why he all of a sudden felt this way. i felt like if i'm a hater prove it. he couldn't. but stated that he 'loved me and wanted me to do better' WHAT? *blank stare* thats something you say to somebody with a fucking problem and this ain't intervention. "and  stop walking around like your shit don't stink. maybe you should start caring about what people say about you" WHY WOULD I CARE, SIR? it'll always be haters thats the way it is. and i've been snooty since birth.. trust me, i've come A LONG way. ask about me. if you don't like me now, you would've wanted me dead then. i haven't changed throughout the course of our friendship. but i do find it interesting that you chose to come at me like this after i progress. whereas you regress consistently. its a trend. no need for me to make a list. you and i, already know you're losing. but i'll pray for you though. thats all i can do for you. no worries though. everyone that has been close to me in this temporary location that i call home are people i met in 2009. meaning? its nothing for me to cancel you. you have not been in my life long enough to impact me for the long run. you don't know my life story or met any of my family. so you don't matter. i've been who i am for years. i'm going to continue forward as i always have. as my guy said "they don't like you. hey. thats life." i totally agree with you, son. anybody else wanna join the "i hate sharona" club? the roster is getting long, the sign ups are still under way and i also hear they gettin' t-shirts.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

can i just say... my job is like being in an abusive relationship. its good sometimes and when its bad its so bad. and unpre-fuckin-dictable. upper management needs to get all their shit together. or they will not have a job to come to in the mornings.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

wiz khalifa - that kid frankie.

i told you guys. denim jackets are hot for dudes as well. but eh...its too hot for the shit now.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

thisis$HAR0NA's lip piercing experience.

in a fit of anger in late April...my lip ring fell out. it probably got loose from all the people who were catching the pure hell being thrown from my vocal cords that weekend. well thats neither here nor there, i just so happened to look down and noticed the post to my ring was on the floor; felt my lip... nothing was there. it just fell out. :( then i told myself.."you're turning twenty-four babe, time to take the kiddie shit out." so after weeks of debate, phantom lip ring bites, people telling me something was missing from my face, and withdrawals i said "FUCK THAT SHIT SON, I'm getting my lip redone!" next thing you know i'm back in the chair, swiped my card, and got myself a shiny new pink CZ in my lip ;) here's the footage, enjoy ;) nothing gruesome i promise. i'm super squeamish i wouldn't even do you like that.

Friday, July 02, 2010


a promotion that i will take! mo' money, mo' money, mo' money. *fist pump* i start monday. it was past due. and i also decided that i'm just gonna do me like Drizzy. i'd rather just cancel myself out on my own terms than to have my feelings hurt...again. i'm at the point of... if it ain't long term... then i won't really waste my time. if we just kickin it, we kickin it. i feel you on that. but i mean i'm not really on that right now. in the words of Hov, you either love me or leave me alone. no need to drag shit out. you say you're my boyfriend then you go missing for days on end. and i lowkey don't even think your friends even know we are what we are. you know my friends and acquaintances as my boyfriend and i can't get the same? but maybe...just maybe those are assumptions. but i don't like to be hidden. so yeaaa, i'm off that already. but more about the job. i'm pretty sure it won't be too far from what i've already been doing at work which is having common fucking sense in a workplace where all people do is panic. so wish me luck. ;)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Foreign Exchange - Daykeeper.

"its not like it was before. and she can't keep me anymore."

footnote:  “Sometimes I rap; sometimes I sing like the Moody Blues.”- phonte. he sings on this song and all the others unless Darien Brockington is featured. do your homework, kid(s).