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Sunday, July 31, 2011

green velvet - shake and pop (this was my shit in 07)

i'm from the southside of chicago i grew up on house/juke/booty music. werd to B96 in the mid 90s. this dude made "its time for the perculator." <3 him.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

this video was EVERYTHING in sixth grade.

mtv raised me. then mtv2 came out where all these types of videos were hiding. <3


looks like he belongs in someones aquarium. he's a fish. i always tried to put my finger on it. he's a fish.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

bone thugs - foe tha love of $$ [1994]

Growing up in the 90s and in the midwest, you had to fuck with Bone. they were so original. I still hear the influence in newer artists especially those who are also out of the midwest like Kid Cudi and Nelly. Bone had it all. These niggas was young, gangsta, rappin real life shit, smokin weed, and they just simply reminded you of some dudes of the block. They had the ability to draw you in just off of the pure curiousity of how are these niggas singing and rapping AND tongue twistin simultaneously? Truly original! We had Twista for the tongue twisting part and Do Or Die slightly did the melodic tongue twisting but Bone was gangsta with that shit. Now is that shit relevant today? HELL NAH. I'd much rather listen to Cudi. But, nonetheless, thanks to Bone Thugs for so many good songs that I can still vibe to.

"you'd give up the cash or that was yo' ass cuz me and my niggas was hungry." - Krayzie

in my next apt.

i need this to be in my living room. can you believe this is only $115? lovesexy. prince. 

love, chicago.

i took this picture of the lake, then effortlessly blew down the street like a tumbleweed.

it was super windy. i dug this sweater out of my moms closet. i used to wear it in the 8th grade to hide my boobs. imagine being thirteen with C cups. #horror.

    cloudgate [the bean ] on my birthday.
love, chicago.

i wish...

i knew how to rap. like i love rap. my best friends rap. i date guys who rap. i wanna do it too. that is all.

Friday, July 08, 2011

the pharcyde - she said [ j dilla remix]

"I guess everybody needs somebody to love you can't leave love lonely, cause being naive to it.. you can just lose it like that. see kisses for bruises don't make it heal back, it be the sex appeal that's from the next and.. not necessarily the sex and.. what might appeal to the intellect having a greater affect on how they feelin', stimulation breakin down their shields for the real and as it stands mysteriously.. curiosity it kills the cat and offsets them mentally so they're trapped in behind these fantasies with no action searchin for a remedy now she loves her man but there is just a different type of chemistry that flairs when her desires on fire quick is the fuse anotha loves for hire.."

werd. thats poetry. <3

Thursday, July 07, 2011

dat new-new.

ahh i have completed the new look. and the new name. bought the domain. took about three hours. i love it and i'm going hard with my blog. i'm super inspired again. now... if i could get rid of something it would be this nausea. :( hatedit.

new shit
  1. starting monday i work TWO jobs. ikr? bummer. but it hopefully won't be more than a year. i just need to get my finances all the way in order. as i'm smack dab in the middle of my twenties i would like to be debt-free. my credit is way too bad right now :)
  2. i switched back to my blackberry. <3 i was sick of that damn android. if i wanted to talk on a computer i'd haul around my laptop and skype people all day.. no bueno. 
  3. i went home to chicago in late may. it was fcking awesome. i know i missed the u.
  4. i feel great :)