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Monday, August 31, 2009

i havent worn a fitted since i was sixteen. but i feel a relapse. my hat size is a 7 if i remember correctly. and son-son i will get this shit flown over from Japan. looooooook....

i started singing all types of love songs when i saw this. i rapped the first verse to "Best I Ever Had" by Drake to picture.. I sang Juvenile's "I Need It In My Life" to the pictures. Oh...::siggggh:: I gotta get ya. I gots plans for ya... I will be over it tomorrow. But still this is dope!


DOPE. DOPE. DOPE. alright. i'm done spazzin.


Drake & Trey Songz - Successful video.

I like Trey's additional verse. I miss the Wayne on it tho. I approve. This is a wayyyy better video than "Best I Ever Had" that was Kanye's fault that the video was a titty-fest. You guys have to excuse Yeezy sometimes. He means well.

soooo this will definitely be weird or a even a mindfuck. can't wait. it's going to be bizarre. and shock people as well as confuse them. [like "Flashing Lights"] either that. or it will be just plain terrible. either way it goes i will watch it a million times because i am simply biased. i'll say again. kanye does no wrong. ;) anybody else read: http://www.dresslikekanyewest.com? i like it!

edit: read a review on it. just as i suspected. it will probably freak us out a lil. yes. i think after i first saw "Who's Gonna Save My Soul" by Gnarls Barkley. I can see just about anything.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

and the answer is...

this is inspired by my question for the vlog in the previous post.
now the answer to the question "what am i looking for?" the answer is nothing, really. i am not looking for anyone in particular at the moment. i admit there are times that i wish i had a boyfriend but then there are the times that i am glad that i DON'T have one. and trust, those times outweigh the times that i wish i did. lol.

seriously! it feels good not having to check in with someone every minute of the day. but damn does it suck not having someone to wake up next to in the morning. the other side of the bed gets cold. so so cold. if you think about it..you don't have to have a boyfriend for that. on the other hand, i would like to wake up to the same face everytime and when i want to, lol. and companionship. i get tired of hanging with people who are just friends. i would like to hang with someone that i'm feeling on more than a friendship level. i like dates and fun, cutesy shit. so i just contradicted myself. i AM looking for SOME THINGS.

what am i looking for?! this is funny. "searchin" by roy ayers just popped up on my itunes.. as the song says, "you see my friend, i need someone who feels and needs the same as I..." naturally right? so with that being said. i suppose i am looking for an "arrangement." that's what i will call it; not relationship but arrangement. i am not "searching" for this "arrangement" so if it happens to present itself, i might oblige.

in this aforementioned "arrangement," i would need consistency. consistency is so so important to me. now consistency is not to be confused with persistency& smothering. consistency simply means we communicate on a daily basis ; simple. it's just routine. now thats technically not checking in or anything of the sort...it's acknowledgement to my existence and your feelings towards me. call me once or twice a day. make me not feel like a damn jumpoff. return my text messages and phone calls. you can refer back to this post: "why are guys.." to see my exact feelings about that. remember that guy? yuck! anyways... i know tons of guys juggle women. i get it. look at the statistics, but at least have your game tight enough that each girl that you talk to feels like she's the only one. it can be done.

which leads me to HONESTY. if you ask me something; it is 100% truth; i expect for him to be the same with me. i mean its this one guy that's trying really hard to talk to me right now, he has a crazy ass baby mama that he used to live with. (amongst other things) she is random and pops up with craziness at any given moment. i appreciate that he told me that. therefore, i know that if i ever kick it with dude and/or even take him seriously, i might have to fight my way up out his house if she busts up in there. lmao. jk. but really. honesty is cool.

in conclusion, arrangements that equal honesty & consistency. work with the kid. i don't know what i'll be into months from now; but for now...i will take this arrangement thing. if it presents itself. if not, i am mackin' and hangin'. lol. sorry i've seen "the wood" too many times. ;)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

happy birthday to MJ. as they do almost every year, they are going to play on some channel whether it be VH1 or TVOne somebody is gonna play that damn 10 hour long, Jackson 5: The American Dream movie. and for the record, to me he isn't dead. he's just resting in neverland. hey, you know how many old white ppl think Elvis is still living. Let me have Mike. lol.

Let's listen to a few of my fave songs by him today:

1) I Can't Help It
2) Say, Say, Say [featuring Paul McCartney]
3) Another Part of Me
4) PYT
5) Off The Wall
6) Human Nature
7) Leave Me Alone
8) Heaven Can Wait
9) Dirty Diana
10) The Lady In My Life

Sunday, August 23, 2009

another one of my imaginery best friends.

and i know why Yeezy loves you. cuz you're so fly! you and your stank walk, bold cut, and fashion choices that i somehow cannot help but think Ye' picks out for you. but hey they give you no credit but i do. ::sigh:: love you girl. ;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

whoooo do you know? who do you know that has two thumbs a box of cupcakes and ate ALL of them?

::points to self with thumbs. ::
this guy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

soooo i really could've used this last tuesday. all i gotta say is DRIVE SLOW HOMIE. today, i gotta go to court. :( in muthafuckin kentucky. an hour out. ::sigh:: FML.

Monday, August 17, 2009


So, with the recent news of Bow Wow and Omarion signing to Young Money the best people in the world on Twitter decided to make a trend of it. OMGosh these are the ones that had me rollin last night!

jusJOEking: Prince Akeem of Zamunda has #signedtoyoungmoney First single "She's My Queen Bitch to Be"
lilmo4ever: neyos hairline #signedtoyoungmoney 1st single "behind the line" i herd it got pushed back tho haaaaaa

--I can't remember who said this but someone wrote: "R.Kelly got #signedtoyoungmoney because he heard the word "Young". <--LMAO Good ol' R. Kelly jokes!

AngelicaBeanz: lil mama's forehead just got #signedtoyoungmoney

hexmurda: I heard J.J. Fad got #signedtoyoungmoney.
OMGaggro:Kid's hightop fade has been#signedtoyoungmoney.the public wonders if Kwame's gold streak will follow.

Annnnd of course, I got in on it :
me: hopped up out the bed, turn my swag on, took a look and I got #signedtoyoungmoney
me: real's hair and chance's gaps just got #signedtoyoungmoney
me: gucci mane's black ass lips just #signedtoyoungmoney


Sunday, August 16, 2009

two dope things....

i have been in an incredibly bad mood for the last week. but these two things brought i smile to my face...

one.... M$M's effing jacket. if you don't know who Mano is... well.. Google him because this ain't about him. it's about this effing jacket. I used to ALWAYS go to a party if I saw Million Dolla Mano on the flyer. Yanno, back when I lived in the Chi of course.. But anyways, I was goin through his FB pics and ran across this. one word: DOPE.

and i know i'm late seeing this but...these lil 808s & heartbreaks chucks right here...

Monday, August 10, 2009

i fucks with this. not just because of the obvious Bonita Applebum sample but because i actually like it. and i fucks with bobby ray or B.o.B whichever he prefers. ;)
and don't think reebok classics are okay to wear. its because its an endorsement type thing going on. lol


i went missing. i know. sorry. i was thinking everyday..."i need to update, my readers are sooo gonna shoot me." anyways, what's good? life is still the same for me. working @ the call center. :( LOOOVE the money, HAAATE the job. so about my love life. oh its dead. dead. dead. lmao. it's cool though. i kinda like being alone right now. and i'm not lying. it's just life and i go with the flow. you know me. ;) two things before i go! one: i am going home to visit chicago! woooooo! i get to see my mommy and the rest of the fam. and two: i pierced my lip about 3 weeks ago. love it. here it is:
my family is soooooo gonna hate it. ::snickers::

OH by the way...this is sooooo my song..right now. thanks to all the ATLiens out there that make me feel "normal". :D
(if you can't see it, it's [Hollyweerd - Weerdo.] download it if you're into that kinda thing. it's fun little spacey sounding song.)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

an oldie but a goodie.

r.i.p. to j dilla & most recently baatin, he just passed yesterday. they didnt say why yet. i think his body was just tired. everyone isnt made to make it to 80, yanno? and even though i still like slum village without them. its not the same. rest in peace guys :)